Welcome to PHP and Sushi Insanity

Hi welcome to my blog. I’m a PHP developer and outside of this I’m a sushi chef. I have been working with PHP and MySQL technologies for while now. If I’m not wrong, since 2002. My first project I was at college and I had to create a simple manage student list with username and password protection. After that things got a little bit more complicated but the challenge worth the price.

I have graduated in Computer Science at PUC University Brazil. After that I have been doing some system analysis, asp programming (yeah I know…), project managing and always back again to PHP and MySQL.

For a while I have dropped the world of IT and became a Sushi Chef, but I missed too much being a developer and having solve problems that I have came back. Anyway it’s always good to learn something new, so, maybe, time to time, I will post something here related to sushi.

My new goal is to take the Zend Certification test and finally became a ZCE. It’s hard work and it does take a lot of study and preparation.

Anyway as things changes, news comes or anything new come by, I will keep you posted.

Welcome to my blog.

Cris D. da Silva – McLoide


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